Mastering Immune Health:
An eBook Companion

Having a very strong immune system is like having gold!

Learn How to Make Your Metabolism Work For You

This book was created out of love for those that I care about. I wrapped up all of what I have learned throughout my professional career into a single package for those ready to make the changes needed to boost their immune system as well as their overall health.
In order to help you measure your progress there is a quiz and a M.A.D.E. Meal Planner included for FREE!

Meet the Author, Melissa McAllister

There was a point in my life that I was a French Fries and Pepsi Hoover! It wasn't until just after I had my two children that I started to really consider what I was putting into my body and how to properly care for it. I eventually started to take group exercise classes and thought 'I bet I could teach too' and my love for fitness was born! 18 years later I have been in multiple consumer workout videos and have trained and certified thousands of others to share their passion for fitness, through teaching too! I love teaching classes but my heart longed to help others more than just that 1 hour I had with them a week. I came across an opportunity to help others exponentially in addition to my classes and have loved it! I am able to help others through my true passion for fitness.

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