The MADE Diet

Fat is the enemy- or so we were told!

Fat is the enemy- or so we were told!

"Low fat yogurt, low fat crackers, low fat everything! All of it advertised as healthy and slimming. The entire Western world bought into this simple but mistaken idea and then bought all those low-fat products, believing that..."

They touted that low-fat diet for years.

They touted that low-fat diet for years.

"There are thousands upon thousands of “Diets” out there in the health and nutrition mainstream. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that seems to change its mind about what is healthy and what is not with each new season...."

According to The M.A.D.E Diet principles.

According to The M.A.D.E Diet principles.

"The simple truth is that people lose weight, reduce bloating and inflammation on the M.A.D.E. Diet because they are eating more natural foods in more healthy combinations."

The removal of artificial foods is essential

The removal of artificial foods is essential

"Remove those items from your diet and you are already well on your way to a M.A.D.E lifestyle with health, vitality and a body that matches the way you feel about your true self: fit, happy and alive!"


Please consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise regiment.
Cinthanie Fitness

Cinthanie P

"The MADE diet has been a catalyst for an entire lifestyle change for me. I was mind boggled when Melissa told me that I could eat fat too. It contradicted everything I THOUGHT I knew about food so I was worried, but, I was more uncomfortable with my weight and body then I was with trying something new. I had serious doubts but two weeks in I had already lost 8lbs! I could NOT believe it was from eating bacon and butter. I have been so happy that I've not only lost 18lbs total, but have been able to keep it off by making this my lifestyle ever since. It's easy to follow and I never feel like I'm 'missing out' on anything like I did when I would follow fad diets.
Team Made

Jeanette G

“"I can't even begin to tell you how much Melissa McAllister's M.A.D.E diet changed my life! I had always wondered why I wasn't getting the results I expected with other ways of eating and why some people, like Melissa, were so cut, but I could never seem to get there. Finally I just said "Melissa, you obviously know something I don't. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it...especially if I get to look like you in the end!" And sure enough, I followed the M.A.D.E. diet she gave me and finally started seeing the results I wanted. Not only that, but I had so much more energy and felt so much better all around! Melissa is my fitness and health guru and mentor that helped me cut through all the crap advice out there - I don't know where I'd be without her!"”

Arlene L

“I am a HUGGGGE fan of your eBooks. I stumbled upon them on an online search and since then because of your work I have incorporated Intermittent Fasting (dang some days are tough!) and have adopted a LCHF aka MADE lifestyle (MADE!!). I cannot thank you enough for how your eBooks have helped me. I've struggled with eating disorders in the past (everything from starving myself to binge eating) and I was always struggling with food. The more research I did the more information overload I felt. It was not until I found your eBook's and followed your guide, particularly the MADE plan - that I found my nutrition center. I have learned so much for your work!!”

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The MADE Diet

The MADE diet is a lifestyle plan that incorporates moderate protein, adequate fat, decreased carbs and an introduction to intermittent fasting. Along with the most frequently asked questions being answered, you'll also get recipes and a 7 day meal plan to start you off right and losing inches your first week.

8 Hour Abs Diet

The 8 hour abs diet is all about meal timing. Forget what you've heard about eating 5 to 6 meals a day and instead let your body do what it was designed to do...burn fat! By Eating in an 8 hour window and just three meals a day, you allow your body to go through the natural process of getting hungry, eating, feeling satisfied and getting hungry again. This process maximizes fat loss and allows your insulin, leptin and ghrelin hormones to do their job which will keep you feeling full longer, be hungry when you're supposed to be (not from habit or cravings) and lean. Eating every couple of hours and all day long was never how we were supposed to eat. Eat to live...don't live to eat!

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